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Jonathan A. Guffey, CRI

Pro-Specs Inc.

Chesapeake, VA



Pro-Specs Inc.


(757) 488-8638


Jonathan A. Guffey, CRI
Chesapeake, VA 23321

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Judy Zabriskie says:
DO NOT use this inspector. He works in conjunction with Ana Garrigues at Nancy Chandler Real Estate (don't use her either)! We purchased a house in Norfolk during the coldest winter in the city. He was her preferred inspector and she pretty much bullied us into using him and since we are new to the area we complied. He was rude, arrogant and a real "can't do" guy. He found inane things in the house which didn't matter at all (a laundry list) but the real problems he dismissed as "it was too cold to go up on the roof so he eyeballed it and said since it was only 8 years old it was fine. He didn't check the plumbing in the downstairs bathroom (put in by owner and his handy man and a real mess which has to be torn out) and so many other structural issues he missed and when called to his attention he said "this is an old house." This week we are having a new roof put on the house because the "8 year old roof" was only on the addition and the total house roof was 2 layers of a mess, patched and repatched by the owner's handy man. The back door is rotted out and the deck needs to be patched or replaced and treated. He also charged us more than he stated the cost would be (he had to stay longer than anticipated and it was COLD???) This guy does not know what he is doing and I am sure the realtor got her cut. Just stay away from him as I am sure there are other inspectors who are qualified and who are honest and who do a thorough job and will actually accept payment on what was quoted as the fee. Stay away from this realtor as well as she is devious and not forthcoming - just wants to sell at any cost. We have owned many homes and had them all inspected and sold many homes and they were inspected as well. NEVER had we had a problem but this is a total nightmare. We might as well have inspected it ourselves. He may be a former Norfolk firefighter but that does NOT make him a home inspector.