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Steven Chioda
Pittsburgh, PA 15205

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kabel says:
We were referred to Mr. Chioda by a former client of his and I have referred him to everyone we know. Throughout the entire home buying procedure, the only person we ever felt was truly in our corner was Mr. Chioda. He was the consummate professional throughout the entire inspection and was so exactingly thorough that we have had nothing but good surprises in the first year of home ownership. I cannot recommend Mr. Chioda strongly enough. His meticulous attention to detail, friendly and professional demeanor, and overwhelming sincerity and honesty were a Godsend.

T.M.M. says:
Steve saved us from buying a lemon!! I hired Steve in January 2013 for a home inspection. He discovered a terribly expensive problem with a retaining wall. We then hired a structural engineer who said it would cost over 50k to fix. If Steve hadn't caught the problem, we would have been screwed. Thank you, Steve. We hired him to inspect a second house, too. He did a great job and we only found a few issues that can be handled. Oh, his fees are fair and it takes about four hours for him to finish the inspection. You get a detailed report like 20+ pages with color photo that night. He is honest and very thorough!!! He also explains the innards, how they work, and if you need to get estimates for various components like the roof or furnace, etc. P.S. We were informed that Steve was blacklisted from Coldwell's referral list this year because he is too honest with buyers and "takes too long" to inspect a home. Really?! If your realtor or realtor's company discourage you from Steve - RED FLAG!!!