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Buford E. Hanson

Whitehall Associates

Silver Spring, MD



Whitehall Associates


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Buford E. Hanson
Silver Spring, MD 20905

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Aspen Hill homeowner says:
Mr. Hanson really screwed us over in a home inspection. He failed to 'catch' several plumbing problems that are now costing us quite a lot of money and hassle. We did, luckily, get a year of homeowners insurance from the seller, but the problems are extensive enough that it's cost us so far five $100 deductibles as well as having to take a lot of time off of work. Each service provider that comes out here is shocked that someone let this pass without seeming to even check for some of these things that have flooded our kitchen, ruined hardwood floors, flooded our basement, etc. I wouldn't recommend using him to any of my friends.