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Robert A. Vickery, Jr., CRI

Brighterside Home Inspection

Earleville, MD



Brighterside Home Inspection


(410) 275-1280


Robert A. Vickery, Jr., CRI
Earleville, MD 21919

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Pam Tomlinson says:
This inspector said our roof was fine and attic was fine. After we moved in we found out roof leaked and structure damage in the attic.

John says:
This individual did a very poor job on his inspection for the home I was purchasing. I had sited a roof that was in very poor condition. He disagreed and wrote that the roof was in good enough condition for approval. I believe he forgot he was supposed to be working for a customer. Or he thought he should work for the real estate company instead. Just get the house sold. I learned alot but it was costly as I had to put a new roof on the home. If you are looking for a home inspector watch who it is. Make sure you are with them on the inspection and question anything that may seem as if it is a problem. The individual was not working in my interest. He had his own agenda.