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WIN Home Inspection-Napa


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Robert McPhee
Napa, CA 94559

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Ferrell says:
This guy did a poor job of inspecting. Everything was cursory and he was more worried about getting future jobs from the real estate agent than providing an accurate in-depth assessment for the buyer. Since moving into the home in August of 2012, we have discovered two issues that were detectable during the inspection and not mentioned in the inspection document. The first was improper installation of a HVAC unit including code violations, inadequate slope for a condensate drain line, leaking condensate drain trap, molded gyp board from leak, and an 18" x 3" opening in the air handler that allowed conditioned air to escape into the attic. Issue number 2 was a leaking sink drain. Rust and corrosion was evident on the trim ring which should have warranted further investigation or at least called out in the inspection report. It has been determined that the leak is from cracks in the ABS drain pipe in the wall. Again, moisture in the gyp board was detectable. I recommend you don't use him.